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Heel Lovers Rejoice: Foot Fillers for the Professional Woman

The latest trending procedure has nothing to do with plumping your lips or cheeks…. but the soles of your feet. Women who wear heels consistently are turning to foot fillers to restore volume to the ball of their foot and ward off chronic foot pain. The so-called “stiletto lift” is helping heel-loving women everywhere walk with relief! Below we’ve answered commonly asked questions about the treatment.

Why would I need foot fillers?

Over time, we naturally deplete the volume in the soles of our feet. For women, this process is exacerbated with high heels, because they cause all the weight to come down over the ball of the foot.

What filler is used?

To restore lost volume, Christopher Toth, D.P.M., a board-certified foot surgeon, uses Sculptra® Aesthetic. Dr. Toth is one of the only physicians in the United States that is trained by the International Aesthetic Foot Society to administer this treatment to patients. The treatment requires a few injections of the filler directly into the sole of the foot. By injecting Sculptra®, a safe, synthetic, and biocompatible material below the surface of the skin, it cushions the area that has lost volume.

How quickly will I see results?

Patients typically see results immediately following treatment, and they can last up to a year.

Who is a good fit for this treatment?

Everyone! The foot pad procedure is a perfect fit for patients who are on their feet all day, such as hairdressers, salespeople, doctors and women in all career fields who love their high heels. Professional dancers and runners have also used this treatment to relieve foot pad pain.

In addition to the foot pad procedure, Dr. Toth offers several cosmetic podiatry treatments such as: PinPointe Laser for toenail fungus and BOTOX® for foot perspiration. If you are interested in learning more about the cosmetic podiatry procedures that we offer at Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, give us a call! We’d be happy to set you up with a complimentary consultation to meet with Dr. Toth and learn more about treatment options.

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