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The VirtueRF Microneedling Platform is the most advanced radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device available today. The combination of radiofrequency and microneedling is a proven, non-invasive option to visibly improve skin tone, tighten skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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How does Microneedling RF work?

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How does Microneedling RF work?

Microneedling rejuvenates the skin by applying sterile microneedles into the dermis of the skin. These needles create microscopic channels that stimulate the natural production of collagen and deliver radiofrequency heat energy at precise depths. This combination promotes the remodeling of collagen and elastin to naturally and effectively tighten and lift the skin.

How is the VirtueRF different from other Microneedling RF devices?

What makes VirtueRF different from other RF microneedling devices is your provider’s ability to fully customize your treatment – with multiple settings, handpieces, and depths that can be customized according to your individual needs.

SmartRF – Reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve tone and texture of skin on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. This handpiece is equivalent to our current PiXel8 RF treatment.

ExactRF – Precisely target the delicate under-eye region with this single needle handpiece. This handpiece decreases puffiness and reduces the fat pad in the under eyes.

DeepRF – Tighten and smooth skin on the arms, abdomen, thighs, glutes, and more. This handpiece not only tightens the skin but also decreases fat in the treated area.

The VirtueRF also pairs every face treatment with the most innovative sheet mask technology available – Microcurrent Dual Face Mask. The unique dual-mask system uses patented Tissue X microcurrent technology to deliver skin soothing ingredients deep into the skin. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, this mask reduces redness and optimizes post-RF microneedling healing.

Am I a candidate for VirtueRF?

VirtueRF is a truly ageless procedure – it is great for all skin tones and types and can be used as both a preventative and a corrective treatment for patients with various skin concerns. This versatile treatment can be used on the face, including under eyes, as well as on the neck or body.

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Our Providers

Vanessa Cavallaro, LE

Vanessa Cavallaro, LE

Jules Brodeur, LE

Jules Brodeur, LE

Christina Ackroyd, LE

Christina Ackroyd, LE

Sarah Chaousis, PA

Sarah Chaousis, PA

Lisa Prentiss

Lisa Prentiss, PA

Olivia O'Hara

Olivia O’Hara, NP

Shirley Millet

Shirley Millett, M.E.

How many VirtueRF treatments will I need?

For optimal results we recommend a series of three or more treatments, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. To maintain results, a treatment every six to twelve months is recommended. Your provider will discuss a treatment plan to address specific your individual concerns during your complimentary consultation.

What can I expect after a VirtueRF treatment?

One of the key benefits of a VirtueRF treatment is that there is no social downtime. The skin may appear red for a few hours but the exclusive post-care regimen works to soothe the skin so most will only notice a post-treatment tightening and glow to their skin. Your provider may recommend no make-up for 24hrs and of course, it’s always important to use sun protection.

When can I expect to see results with VirtueRF?

A benefit of RF microneedling is that the collagen you build is your own so results are natural and will continue to improve with time. It can take up to 4-6 weeks until the full benefits become apparent.

VirtueRF Patient

Virtue Exact RF

The patient was 60 years old at the time of treatment

The patient received 1 Virtue Exact RF treatment to his under-eye area.

The after photos were taken approximately 2 months after his treatment


VirtueRF Patient

Virtue Exact RF

The patient was 56 years old at the time of treatment

The patient received 1 treatment of Virtue Exact RF under her eyes.

The after photos were taken approximately 2 months post treatment.


VirtueRF Patient

Virtue RF

The patient was 70 years old at the time of treatment

The patient received 1 Virtue Smart RF treatment on her entire face. 

The after photos were taken approximately 1 month post treatment.

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