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Enjoy a more Youthful Appearance with Juvederm Volbella

Have your lips begun to lose some of their definition or fullness as you’ve grown older? This is a common problem that many women face. Now, patients can achieve elegant lip enhancement with Juvederm Volbella®. This new injectable treatment can provide patients with correction to loss of lip definition as well as wrinkles and fine lines near the mouth. It involves minimal downtime, few side effects, and brings patients beautiful results that can last up to a year.

What is Juvederm Volbella®?

Juvederm Volbella® is a cutting-edge new injectable lip enhancement product that was recently FDA approved in June of 2016. This product is different from traditional lip enhancement injectables because it can be used both to subtly improve the volume, texture, and shape of the lips and correct fine lines and wrinkles near the mouth.

This is made possible by the VYCROSS technology that Juvederm Volbella® is formulated with. This method uses a combination of both low and high molecular weight technologies to improve the way that the hyaluronic acid chains that comprise this product link together. This allows for less product to be used, making Juvederm Volbella® the perfect product for individuals looking for natural looking lip enhancement that is both subtle and impactful.

What are the Benefits of this Injectable?

  • Lip enhancement and wrinkle correction that can last up to one year
  • Beautiful, natural-looking lip shape, symmetry, and fullness
  • Quick, easy treatment
  • Minimal downtime and few side effects

How can I Find out if I’m a Candidate for this Treatment?

Nearly anyone over the age of 21 that is interested in undergoing enhancement to the appearance of their lips and the surrounding skin is a potential candidate for a Juvederm Volbella® treatment. However, before receiving Juvederm Volbella® injections, interested patients must first schedule a consultation appointment to see if this product can help them meet their cosmetic needs.

Are you interested in learning more about this exciting new treatment? Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England is proud to provide patients in Maine with access to this cutting-edge injectable product. If you’d like more information about Juvederm Volbella® or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment to see if this product is right for your cosmetic needs, contact our practice today!

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