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Correct Skin Concerns with Obagi Medical Products

In a world filled with easily accessible skin care products, it can be particularly difficult for patients to select products that actually work well and promote the overall health and wellness of their skin. At Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we seek to make this process easier by providing our clients with access to some of the top quality physician-approved skin care products available today. We are proud to offer Obagi® Medical products as part of this scientifically tested-selection of skin care solutions. These products can help patients correct a wide range of both medical and aesthetic conditions while promoting long-term skin health.


Why Choose Obagi® Medical Products?

Obagi® Medical products are currently the #1 physician-approved skin care products available today. The specific formulations offered to our patients have all been rigorously tested and refined using the latest in scientific advancements and skin care science.

While the way that each Obagi® Medical product works varies depending on the specific condition or element of skin care that it is addressing, most of these products work together towards the same purpose: they all help balance the skin’s pH level and repair accumulated damage on the cellular level, tackling skin care concerns at their source and bringing long-term improvements to skin health.

This skin care line offers patients a broad range of products that can be used to tackle a wide breadth of skin concerns. These include acne, age spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, loss of skin elasticity, sallowness, signs of aging, rosacea, and other forms of redness and discoloration.

How can I Purchase Obagi® Medical Products?

Licensed Obagi® Medical products should only be purchased through a physician or a health care provider to ensure authenticity and quality. At Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we are proud to offer our patients quick and easy access to an extensive array of Obagi® Medical products that can correct both aesthetic and medical concerns in individuals of all ages.

If you’re interested in feeling the wide range of benefits from Obagi® Medical products, we can help! Contact Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England today to schedule a consultation appointment with our skin care specialists. During this appointment, our specialists will carefully examine your skin and help you determine which combination of Obagi® Medical and other physician-approved skin care products will work best for you.

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