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Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the latest technological advancement for removing unwanted tattoos. The previous methods of tattoo removal often left messy ink behind or a horrendous scar. Lasers are much more effective and, in most cases, eliminate the body art with minimal discomfort. Ice packs and topical anesthetic cream may be all you need after the procedure.

Since lasers target the ink, black and dark blue are the easiest colors to remove because they absorb all light waves. However, there is a different laser wavelength to target specific colors. Because of this ability to remove colors selectively, laser tattoo removal is safer than many other traditional methods, such as dermabrasion, where the tattoo is abraded with salt water. Laser tattoo removal is also a relatively quick process.

During a consultation with our specialist, you can learn about the recommended treatment to remove your tattoos. The type of laser and length of time it will take will depend on:

• Where the tattoo is on your body
• How old it is
• The tattoo’s color
• Your personal skin type
• Whether the tattoo is a professional or amateur job
• How deep the pigment goes into your skin

Whether your tattoo is large or small, it may require more than one treatment. After each treatment, the tattoo will appear progressively more faded. An office visit for laser tattoo removal usually involves:

• A skin test to determine the right energy level for your treatment
• Protective eye shields so the laser waves do not affect your eyes
• A device being placed against the tattoo
• More pulses for large tattoos than smaller tattoos

The risk involved in laser tattoo removal is minimal. Our specialist will give detailed instructions for proper care.

One-fifth of Americans have at least one tattoo, and a fifth of them want it removed. The most common reason for tattoo regret is style. The person no longer appreciates the style of their tattoo and they do not feel it represents their current style.

Another major reason people turn to laser tattoo removal is that their tattoos are inhibiting their career opportunities. They may find themselves in a corporate world where visible ink is not welcome. Finally, as a person’s body changes with weight loss, weight gain or age, the tattoo may no longer look attractive.

Whatever the reason you want to have a tattoo removed, laser tattoo removal at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England may be your best option. It is a safe and effective way to get clear skin again. We have offices in Portland. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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