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Women’s Health Month: Talking About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation. Despite continued growth of the vaginal rejuvenation market, the name alone still makes some women hesitant to express their interest in this popular area of treatment. This can be especially true for women who are only used to talking their provider about therapies like Botox, fillers and facials. Shifting a conversation from the face to the genital region, or jumping right in with your vaginal concerns, can be scary.

But the fact of the matter is, we are seeing this growth because women are increasingly seeking vaginal rejuvenation therapies. In other words, women across the U.S., and the world, are finally taking their intimate health into their own hands, and you can too.

These contributing factors become even broader when you consider the concerns many women face when it comes to intimate relationships, from vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness and decreased sensitivity to a loss in libido and desire.

This Women’s Health Month it is our goal to help women understand the therapies available to them and help them feel comfortable taking steps to improve their intimate wellness, including through vaginal rejuvenation.

At the Cosmetic Enhancement Center, we offer some of the latest and most trusted therapies in vaginal rejuvenation in order to provide our female patients real, meaningful solutions to their intimate wellness concerns. From comfort to cosmetics, our team helps women identify the best course of treatment in order to address their personal goals. We are women treating women, we understand how private these concerns may be, and as with all services we provide: Your happiness and satisfaction are our primary objective.

So, if you’re interested in speaking with a provider about your intimate wellness concerns, here is an overview of the services we offer our valued female patients:

  • EMSELLA®: A revolutionary treatment for increasing pelvic floor strength and addressing urinary incontinence. This is a non-invasive, walk-in/walk-out procedure that uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles in the pelvic floor—building muscle strength, increasing blood flow and improving patients’ overall quality of life. This treatment is performed with no drugs, no downtime and no undressing, and 95% of patients treated with EMSELLA have reported significant improvement in their quality of life.
  • Viveve®: The popular therapy leverages gentle radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, in turn strengthening and tightening vaginal tissue and helping to reverse changes resulting from pregnancy, aging and other factors. Patients that receive this treatment notice a range of benefits including a tighter feel in the vagina, enhanced sexual sensation, stronger or more frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication and reduced symptoms of urinary incontinence for those suffering from urinary leakage.
  • O-Shot®: The O-Shot® is a leading therapy for enhancing sexual satisfaction and performance. Using advanced PRP therapy to improve vaginal health and provide a boost to sexual satisfaction, this non-surgical procedure is ideal for women with low sexual desire, that have difficulty with arousal, that suffer from pain during intercourse, or that experience urinary leakage when jumping, coughing or laughing. What’s more, there’s no downtime required.
  • Our partner practice, Age Management Center of New England, also works with women to help them evaluate and understand their hormonal health to see if there are any other contributing factors to their intimate wellbeing. They offer women a free, confidential screening to discuss the role hormones, and hormone replacement therapy, can play in women’s intimate wellness. To schedule your screening, call (207) 774-1356.

Many of these therapies can be combined to deliver enhanced results, with the O-Shot® being one of the most frequently added therapies for women receiving the Viveve® or Emsella® treatments.

If you’ve considered vaginal rejuvenation in the past, or this is your first time thinking about enhancing your intimate wellbeing, it would be our pleasure to help guide you through the process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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