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The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Countdown: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Here in Maine and New England, the wedding season kicks off in May and wraps up in late-October. While the rest of the world uses the winter months to bundle up and binge watch their favorite TV shows, brides are busy at work booking vendors and planning their big day. With the pressing concerns flying in non-stop, from the flowers to the dress, it can be easy to overlook your health and beauty regimen until the last minute. Here is a step-be-step timeline for what appointments to book and when so you can look flawless on your wedding day.

Four to Six Months Prior:

  • Book a Skincare Consultation: Schedule an appointment with a skincare expert and discuss any skin concerns you may have – such as acne, texture, or an uneven completion. That way, you and a clinical professional can establish a treatment plan and allow for enough runway time to ensure you achieve the results you want for your wedding.
  • Schedule Peels and Facials: In addition to establishing a skincare regimen that incorporates medical-grade skincare into your daily routine, this is the time to schedule out light chemical peels, such as a Micropeel, and facials to help exfoliate and brighten your skin over the next few months.
  • Have a Filler and/or Injectables Consultation: If you’ve never had a filler or injectable treatment before, they can seem intimidating. However, many brides see amazing results from these types of procedures to help smooth fine lines, fill out lips, and more! This period is a great time meet with an experienced injector to determine what treatments are best for you.
  • Inquire About Laser Hair Removal: Since Laser Hair Removal can’t be performed with a tan, Winter is the perfect time for the treatment. Brides interested in removing hair around their bikini line, underarms, or other areas, should request a consult around the six-month mark. This is because it takes multiple treatments, spaced weeks apart, to completely eliminate hair in a given area.

Three Months Prior:

  • Ask Your Provider About Latisse: Every bride wants long, luxurious lashes on their wedding day – and fake lashes can be a pain! It takes a few weeks to a couple months for Latisse to start lengthening and thickening your lashes, so three months is the perfect time to ask your provider if you are a good fit for the prescription product.
  • Have a Skincare Check-In: Now that you’ve been on a consistent skincare regimen for a few weeks to months, it is time to follow-up with your provider and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Get Filler/Injectables Done: Since Botox and a number of other injectable treatments take weeks to show, this is the best time to get any filler or injectables done so that your results are on full display come your wedding day.

Three Weeks Prior:

  • Book Your Last Few Facials: Now that your skin is healthy and functioning properly thanks to your new skincare products, it’s time for the final touches to ensure your skin is glowing.

Three Days Prior:

  • Have a Micropeel: Last but not least, get a light peel-less peel to exfoliate any last debris and remove hair on the face – leaving your skin soft, supple and stunning.
  • Shape and Tint Your Brows: Schedule an appointment to wax or tweeze your brows to help shape them, and if needed, tint them to make sure they stand out in photos.

Day Of:

  • Have FUN! You made it! The only thing that matters today is to enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

At the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we offer all of the services listed above, and are happy to provide complimentary consultations for new brides to discuss all the available treatment options. If you are interested in booking time with a provider, please fill out a new consult form on our website. Happy planning!

P.S. This blog was written by our two brides-to-be and Marketing Gals, Brittney and Nicole! They are right there with you, ladies.

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