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Minimize the Appearance of Acne Scarring with the eMatrix System

Individuals who had acne in the past are reminded of it every single time they look in the mirror. Most individuals who had severe acne in their younger years are left with scars that are completely visible when they wear no makeup and are hard to cover up with makeup. They may have beautiful facial features and none of the signs of aging, but their acne scarring negatively affects their appearance and makes them feel bad about themselves. There are a variety of cosmetic treatments on the market that can help individuals deal with acne scarring. One product that can minimize the appearance of acne scarring is the eMatrix System.

The eMatrix System is a skin resurfacing treatment that can be used for individuals of all skin colors. It can treat a wide variety of skin issues, including acne scarring, wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage, poor skin texture and other issues.

One of the reasons why you should consider using the eMatrix System is because when the system is used, the largest amount of energy is delivered underneath the top layer of skin. This means that there is very little risk of activating unwanted pigmentation.

The risk of dealing with pigmentation issues using other types of cosmetic treatments is usually quite high. So the eMatrix System is a great alternative for individuals who are at higher risk of dealing with pigmentation issues. When they finish using the eMatrix System, they will have their acne scarring dealt with and will enjoy other benefits, but they will be sure that their pigmentation will remain the same.

You may be wondering how the eMatrix System actually works. This is a treatment that has been approved by the FDA. It uses highly controlled bipolar radio frequency energy. It is a resurfacing device that is safe and offers a great outcome for individuals of all skin types and colors.

After you receive treatment, you will notice that your skin looks rejuvenated. If you previously had fine lines and wrinkles, you will see that these are reduced. If you had superficial skin discolorations, you will notice that they are much lighter and that your skin is much smoother.

If your problem was acne scarring, you will see that your skin has drastically improved. The amount of treatments you need to deal with acne scarring will depend on how severe the scarring is.

The eMatrix System can be used to treat other areas besides the face. During our consultation, you can ask us about other areas that you would like to have treated. For example, many individuals who have acne on their face also have acne on their chest and back. Depending on your particular circumstances, we may be able to use the eMatrix System to treat these areas.

The eMatrix System is a cosmetic treatment that can help you to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and deal with a variety of other skin issues. Scheduling a consultation at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England is the best way for you to find out what the eMatrix System can do for you. We have locations in Portland and Waterville. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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