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Dermal Fillers: Which is Right for Me?

One of the unfortunate side effects of aging is what it does to our face. Wrinkles begin to appear; the skin doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it used to, our cheeks begin to sink, and the skin in our lips begin to thin out. What makes this even worse is that the face is one of the few places on our body we can’t hide.

This exact reason is why dermal fillers were created.

Dermal fillers are a natural, non-surgical, solution for facial wrinkles. With dermal fillers, results can be seen practically right away. Dermal fillers are same-day appointments that feature practically no downtime. There may be some swelling or bruising around the treated areas, but these effects are short-term and manageable. There are a variety of dermal fillers to use, that solve a variety of issues, and you can find each of them right here at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England.

Dermal Fillers for the Lips

Juvederm – A world leader in dermal fillers, Juvederm has been a go-to name for lip enhancement. A stellar track record gives you the confidence to know that if you’re using Juvederm, you’re using one of the best.

Juvederm Volbella® – Volbella is widely considered the leading name in lip enhancement. This HA-based dermal filler will give your pouty lips the boost they need to go from limp to luscious.

Restylane SILK®: Much like Volbella is the lip injectable for Juvederm, so is SILK® the lip injectable for Restylane. By naturally plumping your lips, SILK® is one of the most popular lip enhancements on the market

Other Dermal Fillers

Restylane: Restylane is an HA- based dermal filler that uses the body’s natural ingredients to bring your face a tighter, brighter look.

Juvederm Voluma: This FDA-approved dermal filler is the first and only one specifically created for the cheeks. Restore your face to the bright, plump cheeks of your youth with Voluma

Belotoro Balance®: This HA-based dermal filler is perfect for fine lines and wrinkles including vertical lip lines. It’s FDA approved, and results can last for up to 9 months.

Restylane LYFT®: LYFT adds extra volume to the cheeks to eliminate sagging skin and clear up wrinkles. LYFT is one of the few cheek enhancement procedures that is FDA approved for cheeks.

Radiesse®: Radiesse® works to replace the lost collagen in your face by naturally boosting the body’s ability to create it. It’s an FDA-approved treatment with results that can last an entire year.

These are just a handful of the dermal filler options the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England can offer you. Dermal fillers have the ability to transform your face and create a brand-new you.  These treatments are safe, effective and popular for people of all genders and ages.

If you want to give your face a refresh, contact the Portland, ME office for a consultation on these great products.

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