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Achieve A More Sculpted Jawline With The New Juvederm Volux!

Want in on one of the most exclusive services in aesthetics?

Our jawline acts as the frame to our face, shaping a distinct look that helps highlight and accentuate all of our other facial features. But for many, jowls, genetics or a general loss of definition over time leave much to be desired when it comes to their jawline. In fact, Allergan Aesthetics—one of the industry’s leading producers and manufacturers of aesthetics products—reports that the jawline is a key area of concern for a large number of consumers, both male and female.

Despite the fact that jawline contouring is increasingly popular among both men and women, until now, patients didn’t have access to safe, long-lasting, non-surgical treatment to enhance the jaw. Juvéderm Volux has changed the name of the game entirely.

If you’re looking to achieve a more sculpted, refined jawline, the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England is proud to be the one of the first practices in Maine to be able to offer Juvéderm Volux to patients.

Volux is a jawline filler that creates natural-looking definition in the jaw. The dermal filler comprises hyaluronic acid, just like many of Juvéderm’s other fillers, but with greater structure and lift capacity for a firmer result that’s ideal for a sculpted jawline.

To achieve your desired look, our expert injectors will work with you to understand your goals and inject the filler along the bone in the jaw, contouring your jawline in a way that creates a natural chiseled effect.

How do you know if Volux is right for you?

Volux provides volume to increase or supplement the shape and structure of your lower face, creating a smooth contour along the jawline and/or helping to reduce the appearance of jowls. For those that have always desired a “stronger” jawline, or that have jowls that interfere with the definition of their jawline, Juvederm Volux may be right for you.

Volux also augments the jawline for those with moderate to severe loss of jawline definition due to bone loss.

Is it safe?

Volux is the first and only hyaluronic acid filler approved by the FDA for improvement in jawline definition. As a trusted provider of leading cosmetic and aesthetic services, CECofNE has been selected as one of the first practices in Maine to be able to offer this effective service to our patients.

If you’ve ever done a search for ways to enhance your jawline, tried using make-up to create a contouring effect, or even attempted the facial yoga exercises that are all over the internet these days as a way to strengthen your jawline, perhaps it’s time to consider an effective solution that really works.

Remember, we’re one of the only practices in Maine to offer Juvederm Volux to patients right now, so appointments are sure to fill up fast! Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about Volux and what it may do for your look, and your confidence!

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