Physician Consultations in Portland, ME

If you are struggling with acne, the best place to start may be with a physician consultation. At Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, our physicians can help you find the best treatment for your skin type. We offer this service to the residents of Portland, Maine, and the surrounding areas of New England.

What Are Physician Consultations?

Physician Consultations in Portland, MEPhysician consultations are one-on-one consultations with one of our experienced physicians. Acne can be a particularly difficult condition to treat, as every patient’s skin type is different. This is the very reason why many patients struggle to get their desired results with over-the-counter acne treatments. Our physicians can assess your skin type as well as your acne symptoms to determine the acne treatment that will be most effective for you. If you have not been seen for professional acne care, we recommend starting with a physician consultation.

How Much Does a Physician Consultation Cost?

At Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we offer free consultations for all patients. During your consultation, we will assess your condition and discuss your treatment goals to determine the treatment approach that will work best for you. At this point, we will be able to determine the full cost of your treatment and provide you with all relevant information. To make our treatments more affordable, we are proud to offer financing through CareCredit®.

What Can I Expect from My Physician Consultation?

The consultation process is simply a discussion with one of our experienced physicians. You will discuss your skin type, acne symptoms, and any of your previous acne treatments. After a thorough assessment, our physician will be able to provide you with a recommendation for an appropriate acne treatment.

What Happens After My Physician Consultation?

After your consultation, we will have provided you with a treatment plan for your acne symptoms. In some cases, you may be able to begin treatment on the same day of your consultation. If this is the case, we will let you know what you can expect from your treatment and any post-treatment care. We may also provide you with at-home skincare products to help improve the results of your acne treatment.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our physicians and start getting results from your acne treatment. At Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we proudly offer this and other treatment services to patients living in Portland, Maine, and the neighboring regions of New England.