Vaginal rejuvenation may not be what you think

Vaginal Rejuvenation Portland, ME

Ladies, let’s get over our fear of discussing the vagina

Being a woman is beautiful.

Being a woman is powerful.

But being a woman is also difficult.

As many readers would probably agree, the female body is not an easy thing to maintain. Despite how hard we try to stay fit and cling on to our bodies the way they were in our late teens and 20s, sometimes nature just has other plans for us. When it comes to the vagina, this is certainly the case.

Whether you’ve had a child and never felt quite the same after, or as you’ve gotten older you’ve experienced loosening and have begun to lose confidence in your vagina, you’re not alone. Vaginal laxity is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it’s something we should be talking about more, because not only is it perfectly natural it is also incredibly common. And the more women are open to talking about this important topic, the closer they get to regaining confidence, comfort and control.

Vaginal laxity can be the cause of many undesirable side effects. It can lead to urinary incontinence—you know those moments when you’re out exercising or sitting laughing with a friend and all of a sudden you don’t have complete control over your bladder. It can also lead to decreased sexual satisfaction. This includes not only the impact vaginal laxity can have on self-esteem and desire, but also on sensation, lubrication and orgasms.

At the Cosmetic Enhancement Center we are proud to give women the opportunity to explore safe, clinically proven, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation therapy. The Viveve® treatment safely delivers radiofrequency energy to the vaginal tissue to stimulate growth and healing, boosting the production of elastin and collagen in the vagina. Decreased collagen production is often seen as women age and their hormones get out of balance. With the vagina, this presents a whole separate host of issues.

Vaginal treatment might seem intimidating, but in reality, this safe, fast and pain-free procedure has helped thousands of women around the world rejuvenate their vaginas. During the Viveve treatment, the radiofrequency energy is combined with a controlled cooling system so absolutely no anesthetic is necessary. Some patients report a warm or tingling sensation during the process, but the treatment is virtually painless. There is also no recovery period or downtime after treatment. Women can resume normal activities immediately after their appointment—though patients are advised to wait a short 48 hours before resuming sexual intercourse.

The bottom line: No woman should feel uncomfortable in her body. If vaginal laxity is on your mind, give us a call to discuss whether Viveve might be right for you. Our consultations are always free and our goal is to help you feel as great as you are.