Minimize the Appearance of Acne Scarring with the eMatrix System

Ematrix in Portland, ME

Ematrix in Portland, ME

Individuals who had acne in the past are reminded of it every single time they look in the mirror. Most individuals who had severe acne in their younger years are left with scars that are completely visible when they wear no makeup and are hard to cover up with makeup. They may have beautiful facial features and none of the signs of aging, but their acne scarring negatively affects their appearance and makes them feel bad about themselves. There are a variety of cosmetic treatments on the market that can help individuals deal with acne scarring. One product that can minimize the appearance of acne scarring is the eMatrix System.

The eMatrix System is a skin resurfacing treatment that can be used for individuals of all skin colors. It can treat a wide variety of skin issues, including acne scarring, wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage, poor skin texture and other issues.

One of the reasons why you should consider using the eMatrix System is because when the system is used, the largest amount of energy is delivered underneath the top layer of skin. This means that there is very little risk of activating unwanted pigmentation.

The risk of dealing with pigmentation issues using other types of cosmetic treatments is usually quite high. So the eMatrix System is a great alternative for individuals who are at higher risk of dealing with pigmentation issues. When they finish using the eMatrix System, they will have their acne scarring dealt with and will enjoy other benefits, but they will be sure that their pigmentation will remain the same.

You may be wondering how the eMatrix System actually works. This is a treatment that has been approved by the FDA. It uses highly controlled bipolar radio frequency energy. It is a resurfacing device that is safe and offers a great outcome for individuals of all skin types and colors.

After you receive treatment, you will notice that your skin looks rejuvenated. If you previously had fine lines and wrinkles, you will see that these are reduced. If you had superficial skin discolorations, you will notice that they are much lighter and that your skin is much smoother.

If your problem was acne scarring, you will see that your skin has drastically improved. The amount of treatments you need to deal with acne scarring will depend on how severe the scarring is.

The eMatrix System can be used to treat other areas besides the face. During our consultation, you can ask us about other areas that you would like to have treated. For example, many individuals who have acne on their face also have acne on their chest and back. Depending on your particular circumstances, we may be able to use the eMatrix System to treat these areas.

The eMatrix System is a cosmetic treatment that can help you to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and deal with a variety of other skin issues. Scheduling a consultation at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England is the best way for you to find out what the eMatrix System can do for you. We have locations in Portland and Waterville. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Brotox: The Growing Trend of BOTOX for Men

Botox® in Portland, ME

Botox® in Portland, ME

For a very long time, men and women had different standards put upon them when it came to aging. When a woman began to show signs of her age, society encouraged her to immediately take steps to keep herself looking young. In some fields, such as modeling, news reporting and acting, women of a certain age started to see the job opportunities available for them drastically diminish. However, men were not subjected to that same type of scrutiny. It was not (and still is not) uncommon to watch movies where a man is paired up with a woman who is 20 or more years his junior.

However, it seems like these standards are starting to even out. Men are starting to feel the pressure to keep up their appearance if they are going to be competitive in the job market and other aspects of life. One of the major factors that has contributed to this change was the recession that took place in 2008.

In 2008, a middle-aged man who had been in the same career his entire life now surprisingly found himself without a job. He was job searching and competing with younger men who were equally as qualified, who may have received a better education and who were willing to work for less. Now, in addition to being qualified, he had to look young in order to get the job.

This trend led to a rush of men getting BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® is an injectable treatment that is designed to relax facial muscles and as a result, remove the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Interestingly, over the last ten years, the number of men who have gotten BOTOX® procedures has increased by more than 250 percent.

Research shows that in the last decade, men have felt an increase in the pressure to look young to compete in the job market. The irony is that the social pressure that was created by men and placed on women has now come back to bite them. Younger-looking men are able to generate a lot more revenue than their older peers.

That being said, men should not just rush out and get BOTOX® injections. It is first good to sit down and discuss the results you want with the cosmetic professional who is going to be performing the injection. In times past, the majority of BOTOX® treatments were given to women, yet men and women have drastically different outcomes when they are treated with BOTOX®.

Men have more muscle mass in their faces and their muscles are distributed in a unique fiber pattern. So it is good to talk to our cosmetic surgeon to make sure that they are experienced when it comes to giving BOTOX® treatments to men.

Although the downturn in the economy is what got men interested in BOTOX®, it is not what has kept them interested. What is keeping men interested in BOTOX® is that they realize that when they look younger, they feel better. Their self-esteem increases.

BOTOX® is a powerful tool. It can help both men and women regain their youthful appearance and have the confidence they need to take on the world. To get all the facts about BOTOX® for men, make an appointment at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, with locations in Waterville and Portland. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have about this injectable. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Get Fuller, Longer and Darker Lashes with Latisse

Latisse® in Portland, ME

Latisse® in Portland, ME

There are a lot of women out there who are tired of applying mascara to their eyelashes every day. Others who need even more enhancement are tired of applying false eyelashes either on their own or going to a salon to have this done professionally. In addition to the work it requires, it is also expensive. Thick mascara and fake eyelashes are sometimes very obvious. Many individuals who are interested in having fuller, longer and darker eyelashes that are natural are turning to Latisse®. This is a product that has been approved by the FDA for this purpose.

During clinical studies, Latisse® has proven to have fantastic results when it comes to improving thin, light and short eyelashes. Studies have shown that patients can expect their eyelashes to be at least 18 percent darker using the product. They can also expect their lashes to increase in length by 25 percent, and in thickness by more than 100 percent! Clinical studies also showed that individuals can experience the full effect of the Latisse® after using it for 12 weeks.

When a patient is considering which product to use to enhance their eyelashes, they do not have to make many decisions. Latisse® is the only product that is currently approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of a person’s eyelashes. There are other eyelash products that are on the market, but most of these are only used as conditioners. Latisse® is the only product that has proven that it can help the eyelashes to grow.

It is important for you to visit our physicians when you are considering Latisse®. This product is only available through prescription by a medical professional. When you come in for a consultation, we will discuss all of the details of the product. We will also instruct you on how to use Latisse® properly.

Many individuals wonder if they can use Latisse® even though they wear contacts. Many contact wearers are great Latisse® candidates. However, when a person applies the product on their lash line, they must remove their contact lenses. After about 15 minutes, they can replace their contacts.

When you are given a Latisse® prescription, you will be given small brushes that can be used to apply the product. These brushes are only meant to be used once. The Latisse® prescription is meant to last for 30 days.

Latisse® can help you to achieve longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes. To find out if this product is right for you, make an appointment at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, with locations in Portland and Waterville. Our team of professionals can help you achieve your aesthetic goals for your lashes. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Defy Aging Non-Surgically with Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers and Injectables in Portland, ME

Dermal Fillers and Injectables in Portland, ME

It would be amazing if we could avoid aging altogether. Unfortunately, cosmetic technology has not reached the point where this is possible. The next best option is to age gracefully. Thankfully, there are a lot of cosmetic solutions that make this possible. One of the most popular non-surgical options is dermal fillers.

What Do Dermal Fillers Do?

Dermal fillers allow people to have a younger appearance, smoother skin and fewer fine lines. This is done for a fraction of what getting a traditional facelift would cost. The results of dermal filler procedures can last from between four months to up to one year.

Dermal Fillers Versus BOTOX®

BOTOX®is a popular anti-aging therapy. It works by relaxing the muscles in certain parts of the face that are responsible for dynamic wrinkles. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, fill in the wrinkles or lines on a person’s face. As a result, trouble spots are not merely hidden or relaxed, but they actually disappear.

Increasing Volume 

Dermal fillers have been used by many to increase the volume of their face. When a person ages, the areas in their face around their temples, their jaw bone and their cheeks begin to lose volume.

As a person ages, they get more of a sunken, hollow appearance. The same loss of volume can affect a person’s lips, making them look thin and unattractive.

Dermal fillers can reverse volume loss. When applied to a person’s cheeks, temples and lips, it can give them the fullness that is associated with a youthful appearance.

Finding the Right Dermal Filler

Not every dermal filler is right for every wrinkle. Before beginning treatment, it is imperative that you speak to our professionals at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England. We have offices located in Portland and Waterville. The most popular dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid. These fillers have been known to produce positive results for between a few months to over a year.

Injections of these type stimulate the body’s ability to create collagen. This in turn minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A lot of evidence shows that the longer dermal fillers are used, the less fillers are needed to achieve the same results.

Mankind is still searching for the fountain of youth. Until that discovery is made, dermal fillers provide a way for people to retain their youthful appearance and face the aging process with grace.

At the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we are committed to helping you age as gracefully as possible. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how dermal fillers can benefit you.

Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Portland, ME

Laser Hair Removal in Portland, ME

Laser hair removal is a good option for people who need to regularly shave, wax or pluck some areas of body hair in order to feel clean and look attractive. It is safe and effective, and because of the latest technological advances, almost everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Hair grows in three stages, including the growth stage, the dormant stage and the falling-out stage. The laser hair removal procedure works during the growing stage. About 20 percent of your hair is in the actively growing stage. That is why people need to have multiple treatments to make sure all of the hair in a specific area has been removed.

You will have smooth, hair-free skin for months, and in some cases a year or more. Much of the hair will not grow back, and the hair that does grow back will be weak and pale. When some hair starts to grow back, the procedure can be repeated.

Our specialist can remove the hair on most parts of the body. It is effective for large areas, as well as small areas on the face. The most common places people have laser hair removal are the:

• Back
• Upper lip and chin
• Neck
• Bikini area
• Chest
• Shoulders
• Underarms

Laser hair removal is a treatment that focuses light energy into the hair follicle. The pigment in the hair absorbs the heat and causes the follicle to be affected. When this happens, the follicle is no longer able to grow hair. The laser only targets the hair follicle and not the surrounding skin. After the recommended number of treatments, you will start to see a reduction in hair growth in the treated area.

Our trained technicians will discuss several plans with you to make sure your laser hair removal is safe and as comfortable as possible. Your plan will take into consideration your skin tone, amount of suntan, hair thickness and hair color.

For at least four weeks before treatment, you shouldn’t wax, use depilatories, bleach or pluck the hair in the area you want to have treated. Shaving is all right because it doesn’t affect the follicle. After the treatment, the hair will gradually remove itself within 14 days or so.

To get all of the facts about laser hair removal, set up a consultation at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, with locations in Portland and Waterville. We will be happy to address your questions and concerns as we determine if this treatment is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Target Stubborn Body Fat with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting® in Portland, ME

CoolSculpting® in Portland, ME

You’ve done everything you can to win the battle of the bulge. You’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle, embracing portion control and foods that are good for you. You include physical activity in your daily regimen. You stay hydrated, and you get plenty of sleep. Your body should look phenomenal, but you still have stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to everything you do. You’ve got those typical trouble spots, including extra fat around your midsection, more bulging areas on your arms and fat that is making your thighs bigger than you want to see. You want to find a solution, but you don’t want to face surgery. CoolSculpting® offers you another option.

What is CoolSculpting® All About?

CoolSculpting® is an innovative treatment alternative that can target stubborn body fat on your body, helping you to sculpt your figure. It uses freezing technology with a special device. Carefully controlled temperatures are used to freeze your fat cells. As the cells are frozen, they go away and are eventually eliminated from the body. There is no harm to your skin or any other tissues. Only the fat cells are targeted.

What to Expect During a CoolSculpting® Treatment

CoolSculpting® means no anesthesia, no incisions and no recovery time. You can go right back to your busy life immediately after a treatment session. The length of your treatment time and number of sessions will depend on how many areas need to be treated. When it is time for your session, you will sit back or lie down while the CoolSculpting® device is applied to the areas of your body where that pesky fat is hanging on. In general, clients consider CoolSculpting® to be a relaxing experience. You’ll get to take a break and eliminate fat at the same time.

CoolSculpting® is intended for individuals who have reached their ideal weight, or are within a close range of that weight. It will take several months to see the final results of your CoolSculpting® treatments. To maintain your results, you will need to continue to follow a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Exercise and diet will continue to be important.

Learn More Today

To find out if CoolSculpting® is the answer for you, come in for a consultation at the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, with locations in Portland and Waterville. If you want to sculpt your body without enduring invasive procedures, CoolSculpting® could be the solution that you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.