Aquagold in Portland, ME

AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ is a specialized microneedling treatment that can produce more dramatic results thanks to the inclusion of custom skin care solutions. Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England welcome patients from Portland and the neighboring areas of Maine.

What is AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™?

AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ in Portland, MEAQUAGOLD® Fine Touch is a microneedling treatment that drives custom solutions into the skin using small needles. The traditional microneedling treatment stimulates the healing process, leaving you with glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Thanks to the custom solutions administered with the AQUAGOLD® treatment, patients can achieve added benefits for more dramatic results. At Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we’ve created our own custom solutions, which include:

  • Pink Lady: Hyaluronic acid, B12, and more
  • Mrs. Refreshed: Dysport®, Restylane® and more
  • Golden Girl: Belotero®, Xeomin® and more
  • Glow Gal: Juvéderm®, Botox® and more

We can even add PRP therapy to your AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment for further improvements.

How Much Does AQUAGOLD® Cost?

Wondering how much will your AQUAGOLD® treatment cost? Your AQUAGOLD® facial cost at Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England will depend on a number of factors. During your free consultation, we will discuss your treatment goals to determine the approach to your AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment that will work best for you.

Some patients may need multiple treatment sessions. We will consider these and other factors in order to provide you with the full cost of your treatment during your consultation. To make this and other services more affordable, we are proud to offer financing through CareCredit®.

Am I A Good Candidate for AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™?

Anyone with signs of aging, such as wrinkles, is a good candidate for the AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment. It is also a perfect treatment for patients looking to plump and replenish the skin in the face, hands, décolletage, and neck. This treatment is also ideal for those who have a big event coming up and want glowing, healthy skin.

What is the AQUAGOLD® Treatment Like?

The AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment is well-tolerated and doesn’t require any anesthetic. The AQUAGOLD® device has 20 small needles that are only 130 micrometers, or 0.13 millimeters, wide—thinner than a human hair. These micro-channels penetrate the epidermis, allowing us to deliver your desired serum at consistent depths. This device will be used to administer your serum in the desired treatment area. A single treatment typically takes less than one hour.

Is There Any Downtime After AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™?

We advise patients to avoid exercise for a full day following the treatment. AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ can not be done in conjunction with injectable, laser, or other intensive treatments. We ask patients not to wash their face for six hours following the treatment. After that, patients can resume their normal skin care routine.

When Will I See Results from My AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ Treatment?

After the AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment, you may notice results within a week or two of treatment after any side effects fade. These results will continue to improve over the months following treatment as collagen production is stimulated and the body uses new collagen to strengthen the skin.

Are you looking for AQUAGOLD® before and after pictures or AQUAGOLD® reviews? Please refer to our before and after and reviews pages.

Ready to learn more about AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ or to schedule your consultation? Contact us today at Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England. We are proud to serve the residents of New England, Portland and the nearby areas of Maine.