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Although most cases of acne clear up without any lasting effects, some people are left with scarring and pitting. The more severe the acne the more likely that scarring will occur.  Inflammation is the greatest cause of acne scarring. Popping or picking at pimples is also a sure way to increase the chances of scarring. The best way to PREVENT acne scarring is to treat acne as soon as it appears and to keep future flare ups to a minimum with an acne management program.

Just like other types of scars, acne scarring is the result of a wound on or in the skin healing which causes too much collagen to form in that area. The wound from the acne happens under the skin, so that is also where the scars form.  Unlike other scars that form on the surface of the skin, acne scarring can be more difficult to treat because they form under the skin.

For those who do suffer from acne scarring, the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England has several different types of treatments and procedures to help.  The right treatment plan for your particular needs can be determined by our physicians and medical aesthetician.

The latest addition to our acne scarring treatment options is the eMatrix System with the Sublative Rejuvenation™ Treatment.  The eMatrix uses bi-polar radio frequency energy to generate deep dermal impact which leads to the appearance of smoother skin.

The eMatrix is FDA approved, safe, effective for all skin types and has minimal down time.
Other treatment options include

  • Total FX Co2 Fractionated Laser
  • V-Beam laser
  • Collagen/Fillers


Before acne scarring can be treated, active acne needs to be brought under control. Our Acne Management Team can also help you with the proper treatment plan to help you!

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