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CEC of New England provides the widest range of advanced cutting edge, aesthetic treatment options.

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Many skin conditions that cause pain and embarrassment can be treated through innovative cosmetic procedures today. Some of the conditions addressed by Cosmetic Enhancement Center include acne and acne scarring, birthmarks and rosacea. We can also help you turn back the clock on your skin with treatments for wrinkles and age spots. Treatment options include skin resurfacing and chemical peels that breathe new life into your complexion. For more information about the specific conditions we treat, check out the drop-down box below.


When you are considering cosmetic procedures, choice is the first component to a successful procedure. That is why we offer a wide range of treatment options, ensuring we can customize cosmetic enhancement to a patient's unique needs. From acne treatments that address breakouts and minimize scarring, to procedures that rejuvenate the entire complexion, you can find what you need at Cosmetic Enhancement Center. Our services also include body sculpting, laser hair removal and vein treatments to give you a more satisfying appearance from head to toe. To learn more about the specific procedures we offer at Cosmetic Enhancement Center, click on the drop-down box below.


Injectable treatments have become some of the hottest cosmetic procedures today. With a wide range of options for treating the telltale signs of aging and other skin concerns, you can find what you are looking for at Cosmetic Enhancement Center. Turn back the clock with Botox or dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm. Create a new body contour with treatments like Lipodissolve, or say goodbye to unsightly spider and varicose veins with sclerotherapy. Injectable treatments are minimally invasive and offer stellar results with little or no downtime afterward.

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